About The Founder

Mwende D. Muoti is the mother of 4 adult sons and 8 grandchildren.  She is also a writer, psalmist, teacher, mentor, and she is a Breast Cancer Survivor.


When diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015, Mwende embraced it with grace and the determination to triumph over cancer with the Grace of God. Although she has had a passion for ministry for over 20 years, after her diagnosis, she realized that God had called her to go beyond her previous accomplishment. She came to realize that she would not only minister from her compassion but also from her experience. Mwende incorporated Journey of Faith a nonprofit organization in June 2016. The objective of Journey of Faith is to be a beacon of light to breast cancer patients who may be experiencing a time of darkness and uncertainty. She looks forward to serving in this ministry until the Lord returns.